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How to Save Thousands When Buying a Central Florida Home

Tips on saving thousands when buying a central Florida home
Posted: January 26, 2023 by Shani Marbais

Everyone talks about how much buying a new central Florida home can cost you, but I'm here to tell you how to SAVE money when buying a new central Florida home! Like...big money.
There are four things you can do to help you save potentially thousands of dollars when buying a new home. 
1. Hire a team of professionals. Yes, this can cost money...but, if you hire the right professionals, you're sure to save a lot of money (and headaches!) because they know the red flags to watch for, they know what's standard for the local Clermont market and surrounding areas, and they are experienced negotiators. 
2. Do the prep work. Meeting with your central Florida lender early on in the process and assessing whether or not you need to do a few things to raise your credit score or pay off debt to get a better interest rate...these things can save you so much money! Leave being a "spur of the moment" kind of person for vacations and be a tedious planner when buying a home.
3. Home inspection. Pay to have your central Florida home inspected! This can save you thousands of dollars (and buyers remorse). This doesn't mean things won't go wrong with the house (every house needs maintenance) but you can potentially uncover major home defects that either the seller can repair (on their dime) or you can make negotiations in your best interest. Ask your agent for reputable central Florida home inspectors and show up to the appointment to ask questions.
4. File your central Florida homestead exemption. Some title companies do this for you and others require you to do it, but either way, after you purchase a home, always call the appropriate central Florida county agency to be sure the homestead exemption was filed before the clock strikes 12 at the New Year. This can save you thousands come tax time, so don't forget this!
Be sure to save this post for future reference to avoid buyer's remorse and financial distress as a homeowner. Have more questions? I am always a quick email away! 

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