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Summer Survival: Household Chores for Kids

Household Chores for Kiddos by Age
Posted: June 23, 2022 by Shani Marbais

Summer Survival?? Household Chores.
Summer is officially in full swing here in Central Florida, which is both exciting and overwhelming for some of us! The lack of routine that often accompanies Summer can make us feel higher levels of stress and anxiousness if we aren't intentional with how we are spending our time.
Today I'm kicking things off with every kid's favorite topic: CHORES
Chores are so important because they teach kids life skills they need to thrive in life. The last thing you want is an 18 year old leaving the home who doesn't know how to disinfect a toilet, am I right?
One thing I emphasize in my house is the fact that it's not MY job to keep the house clean. Maintaining the home is a team effort, and in order to succeed, we each have to do our part. 
Remember, there's no wrong way to implement these household chores in your Florida home. You can give them an allowance if they complete them, you can just give them 2-3 things to do each day before screen time, or you can just be more intentional about teaching your kids how to do these household chores this Summer.

However you do it, make it as FUN as possible. Turn up the music, dance around, and take a snack break (or two!).

Household chore ideas for kiddos by age:

What else would you add to this list?!

Shani Marbais, Realtor

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